Cash Only? Do We Realize Its 2014???


I’m running to the kid’s hockey game. We’re late, of course, and once again we’re gonna eat healthy – at an ice-rink SNACK SHOP!

The kid goes to the locker room and the rest of us get ready to dine – 2 soft pretzels, 2 nachos with hot peppers, 2 slices of pizza that’s been under a light for the past 4 hours, 4 drinks (diet cuz we wanna be health conscious) and 1 More-Brown-Than-Not banana.  The price is relatively equal to a dinner at a Bobby Flay restaurant but who cares – hunger knows no price!

I pull out my debit card and BOOM!!!!  The cashier points to the sign, CASH ONLY.

I was SHOCKED but my context clue should have been the girl in the back taking inventory on an abacus.

Hey ice-rink managers, the year is 2014!   There is a lot of updated technology out there like push button phones, VHS and Beta video tapes and DEBIT CARDS!!!!   If you’re gonna post “No Outside Food/Beverages Permitted” signs, how about upgrading from that Commodore 64 computer technology, steppin’ into the 1980’s and figuring out how to accept this new NASA-level-swiping-plastic-card-thingy, YA JAGOFFS!

Author’s Note: (I wasn’t sure to be sad because we were still  hungry OR be evil-Riddler-high-pitched-laugh happy that the Cokes and food had to be tossed/put back because I didn’t have cash.)




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