Easy Riding for Boomer “Grandparents of Anarchy” Bikers

Biker 1A range of motorcycles specially designed for baby boomer bikers hits the road this week in time for the holiday buying season.

There are two models in the range: the Gray Ghost Roadster and the Hilltopper Hog. The bikes offer a number of features for senior speedsters.

  • A bike-mounted GPS navigation system repeats the destination address every eight minutes to remind boomer drivers where they are going.
  • The GPS system is also programmed to sound an alert 10 miles, five miles, and one mile before the next bathroom comes up.
  • Sensors in the handle bars track riders’ vital signs.
  • Oversize instrumentation, an extra-loud sound system, and double-stack seats for short riders, raise comfort levels.
  • Robot “fingers” massage the rider’s legs one mile before the destination to bring the blood circulation back and enable him or her to stand when they arrive.
  • To help riders mount and demount the bikes are equipped with a handrail. Also, a set of moving steps automatically deploys when a motorcycle is parked.
  • A special low-temperature compartment under the seat is available for senior essentials such as medicines, defibrillator, and Viagra.

Photo: Wikimedia

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4 thoughts on “Easy Riding for Boomer “Grandparents of Anarchy” Bikers”

  1. OMG, this was so funny! Can they have one of those life alert systems too so if the bike falls on them and they can’t get up, help is automatically on the way?

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