I Want to Play a Game

See what funny, ugly hippies now order when one of them has to eat inside the most popular fried chicken diner.

5-7-2014 1-00-06 PM

If you want to know, locate and circle the words from the riddle above into the grid below (note: “them” and “the” are two separate finds).  Forwards, backwards, up, down, and diagonal.  You may want to print this out as circling words on your computer screen is not advised. Only one print per visit, please.



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13 thoughts on “I Want to Play a Game”

    1. There are no days off in comedy. You must turn your papers in at the end of the day. Make sure you write your name on your paper. I will grade it and return it to you next week so that you may use it to study the final exam.

  1. So, I guess to be productive with this little exercise, I should not do this puzzle before I have coffee in the morning or after I have wine? You are amazing!

    1. SONofaB, I just uploaded the image again (there was a slight modification…very slight, but matters…uploaded older image first time by accident).

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