Inspired by Actual Events – Maybe.

And so it came to pass, that Jill Y asked me to think about something. She gave me three choices:


1) Rivers of Jammu and Kashmir.
2) Toblerone.
9) Thirsty Dave’s facial expressions when he realizes that the bar is closed.


I obviously chose option 1. Rivers of Jammu and Kashmir, before I discarded it and settled for option 2. Toblerone, before I changed my mind it and settled on option 6. A Nic Cage/pizza phone case:


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6 thoughts on “Inspired by Actual Events – Maybe.”

  1. Three questions:

    1) Is this a gift for you?
    2) Is this a gift for Jill Y?
    3) If it is a gift for Jill Y, are you still alive after giving it to her?

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