Leave It, It’s Marriage


The other day I was reading an article on divorce. Apparently, in an effort to restore the America pictured above, certain states are trying to make it harder for people to get divorced. Yes, the small-government, anti-intrusion crowd is at it again.

Divorce usually happens when something comes up. You realize you married for money. You lose a sense of individuality. You research your ancestors on Genealogy.com only to find that you and your spouse are related. Things like that.

But according to the Washington Post, Oklahoma lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit no-fault divorce except in cases of “impotency.” This is a rare case of divorce resulting from something not coming up.

And after reading through the proposed legislation…


This impotency thing is a very sneaky tactic. Because, if your divorce gets granted, people would be like, “Oh so you’re….?” That’s the big dude-fear the legislators hope to aggravate to keep people in line.

So how will the state disprove claims of impotency to ensure that their citizens remain unhappy? I’ll bet I know how Oklahoma will do it. The husband will be brought into court before a judge and a jury. He’ll sit on a chair wearing only a t-shirt and be shown images of naked women. Nothing will happen. It’ll be looking good for the guy, like his divorce will soon be granted. But when they show a picture of a fully-stocked beer fridge, he’ll “spring to life”.

And the judge will slam his gavel and shout “Motion denied!!”

At which point he’ll send the guy to a room in the basement of the courtroom. This is where the guy renews his wedding vows:


Yup, some people still insist on trying to turn 2014 into 1956. But that only gets you this:


Total waste of time.


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3 thoughts on “Leave It, It’s Marriage”

  1. I’m sad that this is what lawmakers do with their time in Oklahoma. Come to think of it, that’s probably a lot better than what I suspected they did with their time in Oklahoma, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

    Either way, I wouldn’t want to be the judge having to judge impotency…

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