Limbaugh: Offensive Comment Unfairly Taken Out of Context From Much Longer Offensive Commentary

Rush Limbaugh is blasting critics in the liberal media today, after several news outlets reported on a comment he made during yesterday’s show that they deemed horribly offensive. Limbaugh spent nearly 15 minutes this afternoon addressing the issue on his show.


“This is what the liberal media does. They play that “Gotcha” game where they take a comment or line from out of context and say, ‘Look at this offensive thing Rush said’…But the fact is…and the listeners know this…the fact is that the line they’re quoting was taken completely out of context. Sure, I implied that people of Mexican ancestry were lazy and shiftless, without even one redeeming quality. But this comment was made in a much more lengthy piece in which I also made disparaging remarks about blacks, Asians, Italians, Polacks, Arabs, homosexuals, Greeks, atheists, women, Jews, the disabled, and educated people. But the media takes one tiny piece of what I said and of course then it looks completely different outside the scope of the segment. Just typical.”

Even after reading Limbaugh’s transcribed comments, the news organizations in question continue to stand by their assessment.

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6 thoughts on “Limbaugh: Offensive Comment Unfairly Taken Out of Context From Much Longer Offensive Commentary”

  1. Well, you must admit he’s a democratic denigrator. He has something to say about almost everyone. 😉

    1. AHHHHHH, LMAO! Please feel free to email back or please add me on FB…it is Patti March, hometown of St. LOUIS, MO., or for Twitter it is @kittygal5399. Thanks for the great chuckle, Mizz Kathy…u rock! 😉 😀

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