My Pony

If I had a pony I would call it Sparkles or Lemon Drop or Speedy or Lou. I would take very good care of that pony and let it sleep in my room and I would brush its hair every night. I would share my cereal and popcorn but not my peanut butter because I read once in a magazine that ponies don’t like peanut butter. I also read they don’t like video games or mayonnaise. I would make sure that my pony was kept clean by giving it a shower everyday.  Some people think ponies should be kept in a barn but if they’re wearing clothes, why can’t they come into the house? Having a pony would be a good help because it could carry things and I could ride it to school or to the store or to the park or to practice. It would also be very fun to have at parties because I would teach it some card tricks.

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