Out of Town Traveler Killed and Left in Woods, Saved $10 on Cab Fare

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Business traveler Jim Proust was found dead in a remote section of California wilderness a day after last being seen leaving the San Francisco International Airport late Wednesday evening. Another traveler had asked to share a taxi and recounts that Proust declined, saying “cabs are for rubes,” as he waved his smartphone and said “there’s an app for that!” Investigators believe that Proust may have been bludgeoned with a tire iron over a dispute concerning which is the best Radiohead album.
Family members have described Proust as being cost conscious and proudly at the leading edge of technology.

Brother Frank Proust:

“Oh yeah, he was taking these high tech cab things and staying at random people’s houses, too. In fact, on this trip to the Bay Area, he was saying he was staying on the couch of somebody’s condo for $79. Seemed kind of crazy to me, but there he was typing on his electric gizmo and getting a place to stay. I told him $79 sounded kind of high to sleep on a stranger’s couch, but he insisted it was ‘how things are done these days’ followed some wisecrack about getting off my lawn. He said I just don’t get the modern ‘sharing economy.’ Well, yeah, I guess I don’t.”

Despite being murdered in cold blood with no concrete leads to track down the killer, Proust did post to his Facebook page that he saved $10 on his ride and was even offered a free drink. “You won’t get a free drink in a regular cab,” posted Proust, adding that it had “quite a kick” and that he was feeling “kind of woozy” even after a few sips, so he suspected that “it’s definitely the good stuff.” The last comment was “definitely gonna give 5 stars.”

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