Responding to Fan Mail

I get tens (sometimes twenties) of readers on my humor blog, The Reluctant Cat Owner’s Journal, every day. Maintaining such a small audience requires a lot of work offending people, crossing the line, and being generally tacky. Having a status of “un-famous writer” requires tenacity and thick skin, but I get by because of my dedicated reader(s) and their kind comments. If you are a blogger, I am sure you understand the joy and feeling of accomplishment when you connect with a reader.

Because my reader(s) keep me motivated to continue striving for viral status, I feel it is only fair to give them the recognition they deserve by responding to their fan comments here.

7-18-2014 9-39-18 AM
Photography Wallpaper commented on a blog post where I promoted a previous Humor Outcasts article. And yes. I am on the twitter. My handle is @catownerjournal. Thanks for asking.


7-18-2014 9-39-04 AM
Umm. You do realize that this is my “About” page and has no examples of anything, right, Your College Companion? I’m just going to assume you thought you were posting this on another page.


7-22-2014 8-30-32 AM
I don’t think you read this post, did you Cockos REAPER Crack? I say this because “the blogger lovers” appears nowhere in my blog, much less this post. Maybe you wanted attention because you saw my stunningly handsome pictures and was hoping for a romantic email exchange. PS – what is REAPER Crack?


7-21-2014 11-30-35 AM
I thank Sterling Cooper Investigators for his/her compliment, though I’m scratching my head trying to decipher the latter part of their comment. Certainly, they are not calling me sociably responsible as that is the antithesis of my personality. Ummm, thank you?


7-21-2014 11-28-58 AM
Cosmopolitan, I absolutely agree with you 85%. I not only wonder why I am not more “smartly-appreciated,” but by the way you phrase your compliment, I never even know I was EVER smartly-appreciated. Indeed, Lady Gaga pisses me off. She’s stealing EVERYBODY’s limelight. Thank you again, Cosmopolitan; I will certainly continue to take care of it up at all times.


Thank you again, readers. Your support is an inspiration. Keep the comments coming!


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12 thoughts on “Responding to Fan Mail”

  1. These are hilarious! I often get a chuckle at the ridiculous spam that comes through and how the sentences make no sense. REAPER crack? Perfection!

  2. Omg! LOL! This is fantastic! I feel honored to be in the presence (virtually, not in the same room or face to face, but isn’t it amazing how the internet brings us all together?)of such obvious greatness.

  3. Actually, there’s a much better way to keep people away from your blog. Just do as I do: go for weeks on end without putting in any new posts!

  4. I think Reaper crack is what you see if the Grim Reaper is bent over, doing his job stacking items on a lower shelf at Safeway. And this line is great: “Maintaining such a small audience requires a lot of work offending people”

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