Shocking Photo Fraud!

A massive scandal is rocking the stock photo industry. An investigation by The Center For Truth In Imagery has uncovered evidence that the situations depicted in many common photos are in fact lies. Here is a short but shocking sample of what The Center uncovered:


This woman is actually running for her life, trying to evade a hungry raptor. She’s been running since the sun came up.


These two actually fell off of a booze cruise ship the night before. They were fortunate to wash up on this deserted island. But because their clothes perfectly match the color of the sand, the rescue  plane was unable to spot them.


Washed out to sea by a massive riptide, this paddle boater has been adrift for days. Note that he is not standing up — he’s close to giving up.  Interviewed after his rescue, he claimed a photographer  dragged a Snickers bar behind a boat and kept saying “Just one more shot, one more.”

And the most shocking image by far:


This isn’t some kid pretending to be unhappy. This is Billy Jones from Akron, Ohio. And his father (pictured right) has just said “It’s totally normal for your parents to be brother and sister.”

Shocking. It’s hard to know who to trust anymore.

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  1. The next time I purchase an image from iStock, I’ll try to think of the brave people who made them!

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