The Disgrace that is Nancy Grace

nancygraceNancy Grace is in trouble again, but this time the big-mouthed crime crusader is being sued for publicly identifying an innocent man as a criminal and labeling him a serial killer on her show.  The man, who has since been exonerated, is not amused by the public humiliation and wants big bucks from the pseudo journalist.  Since this is not the first time Nancy Grace has been flagged for faulty reporting, I thought it would be a nice gesture on my part, as a former journalist, to teach her the meaning of what it means to be a real reporter. So Nancy Grace, this one’s for you:

Rule of Thumb: A news show is about presenting factual news. Sitting behind a desk, yelling at people and calling them names does not make you a newsperson; it makes you a bully.

The bad guys on Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU are not real bad guys, and you should not call the FBI to have them arrested nor should you take credit for catching them.

A loud, southern, nails-on-the-chalkboard voice is not a voice of authority, but it does make people go insane and jump off bridges.  Stop…talking…please.

TMZ and the National Enquirer are not the best sources for information nor is Wikipedia—believe it or not. Instead of forcing your non-paid interns to do your research for scraps of food, do some fact checking yourself.

People are innocent until proven guilty, and your show is not a court of law.  I asked Judge Judy about this because her show really is a court of law, and she says “Na, na, na, na, na—Bite me Blondie.” (That might be paraphrased.)

Real reporters have good hairstylists and makeup artists—not rejects from the musical CATS.

If you accuse someone falsely of a crime once, you are suspended from your show; twice, you have to pay restitution; three times, you get a transfer to the North Korean State Press.

And finally, if you brand someone a serial killer and he’s not, you get to meet a real serial killer face to face.  Fair is fair.

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34 thoughts on “The Disgrace that is Nancy Grace”

  1. I hate to admit this but there was a time many years ago I watched her. However, it didn’t take long to realize her primary goal is to incite the masses, with little regard to the outcome. If I heard one more thing about her twins too I was gonna lose my mind.

  2. Nancy Grace must be a centipede because she’s stuck her foot in her mouth too many times to count!! Great post Donna!

  3. The best way to deal with people like that is to change the channel.

    Now, if we could only get the whole country to do that, we’d be on the right track! 😉

    1. That’s not going to happen Kathy. We are a country that loves to watch innocent people’s lives ruined at the hands of loud mouths like Nancy Grace. We much rather believe someone is a monster than believe someone was being labeled as a criminal for ratings. It makes the news and Hollywood go around.

  4. I feel like it’s all been said, but as a lawyer,I find that she is a DIS-Grace! Great article Donna, and yes………..really, if they are going to keep you on TV at any cost, at least give you decent hair and makeup!

  5. Nancy Grace is such a jackass! She lives in my neck of the woods, as it were and most folks around here consider her to be either an amusememnt, an embarassment, or both. I hope hat THIS TIME the judge will throw the book at her. The woman is a menace. Funny piece, Donna. All too true. Will

    1. Headline News and don’t watch! She will give you nightmares. She is a vigilante gone amok and she has hurt far more innocent people than she has ever helped and she is just horrible!

  6. Go Donna! I can’t stand Nancy Grace and do not understand how she keeps her job.She’s got to be a legal dept’s nightmare.

    1. Thanks Beth! She just doesn’t care who she hurts. This guy’s life was almost ruined; a girl recently committed suicide – all due to her faulty reporting of which she refuses to be held accountable.

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