The Hottest Trend Of 2014


It’s fashionable at the end of a year to create and publish a Best Of list. We’ll see listicles revealing things like the best movies or news stories of 2014. Heavy on the photos and short on text, they’re what you churn out when your writers have started the New Year’s partying early and are too hungover to generate anything that’s actually news-worthy. And they’re cheap to produce.

So I’d like to join in with my pick for the Hottest New Trend of 2014. Lots of new trends emerged this year. I don’t know what they are but I’m sure someone will cover them. But the hottest one hands down is the Tiger Selfie:


Apparently, these pictures are hot on dating sites. When you appear in one you look totally chill but also really brave. In reality you’re warning potential love-interests that you have really bad judgement, which is a nice thing to do. It’s inconsiderate to waste other peoples’ time. If this is your first venture into Tiger Selfies I’d recommend going to Toys-R-Us and buying a huge stuffed tiger to pose with, which I suspect this guy did. It’s always wise to ease into dangerous things like this.

Happy New Year! Please join me next year when I write about what will undoubtedly be 2015’s hottest new trend: Selfies Of Guys Missing Half Their Face.



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