The Pendulum Swings to the Right Again and Democrats Lose

businessman pushing the pendulumTo anyone with political leanings let me just say I have no political ideology. You never know where I am going to land on any given topic. Yeah, it’s called objectivity.

There seems to be a pendulum that swings from right to left in American politics. In 2008 we spruced ourselves up in progressive suits and went to the grand ball of hope and change. In 2010 we oscillated back to the old club of conservatism and visited some old friends. Afraid we weren’t trendy anymore we swung back to the left in 2012. Now with a new dose of momentum we just oscillated back to the right in 2014.

That’s because attitudes have taken the place of analyzing issues in American politics both with politicians and the electorate. As the plumb of political dynamic forces swipes back and forth from left to the right, much as with The Pit and the Pendulum, it is the middle-class hard working citizen who is getting eviscerated with every pass.

It’s one thing to have a general philosophy or set of principles but it is another thing to get totally mired down in ideological gibberish. Democrats put their  finger in the air and determined that the breeze was blowing to the right. Consequently democrats distanced themselves from the President so much that they dodged questions about whether or not they voted for him. In doing so they played right into the Republican narrative that liberal ideals have failed and it’s time to get back to basics.

If I had been a democrat running for something and was asked whether or not I voted for the President I would have asked back, “Why wouldn’t I have voted for my party’s nominee you moron?”

The larger issue here is that both parties play the game of doctrine promotion and do virtually nothing in the way of really tackling problems. The current congress is absolutely worthless. Why do so many of them keep their seats? Because the voters eat up hooey disguised as their political dogma. That is why negative political advertisements work and so much money is invested in them.

Republicans and conservatives love red, white, and blue. Can’t beat apple pie and capitalism. Democrats and liberals love hope and Utopian landscapes. Can’t beat a progressive mindset and a freshly planted tree.

The real answers, however, are at the pendulum’s equilibrium position. Profit is the critical driving force in business and industry but there are some things that shouldn’t be driven by profit and that is why the government regulates them. As a wealthy nation we cannot allow poverty to cause people to die in the street, however, there cannot be more people in the wagon than pulling it. Education and social programs are key elements to preventing crime but at the same time criminals and dirt bags need locked up with no excuses.

Let’s forget about Democrats. Let’s forget about Republicans. Let’s forget about the right, the left, and the variations thereof.

The only ideology that should matter is getting things done. Politicians and the electorate need to start abiding by it.

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4 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings to the Right Again and Democrats Lose”

  1. Bravo! Well said! I was so sick of the ads this year that I didn’t even vote. To me it was like asking me to pick between Ted Bundy and Charles Manson and then, because I refused to choose, I was blasted with – but it’s your right to vote! Sorry. I’m not choosing the lesser of two evils. If I want to vote for tantrum-throwing toddlers whose only agendas are how badly they can bash their opponents, I’d rather vote myself into Congress.

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