Why Amazon Rankings Don’t Rock

Those of you who are curious about whether Amazon book rankings are a good measure of selling success might be interested in this story:

On January 30th, my Amazon author ranking was 352,039. Two days later two of my books were sold through Amazon—just two (as far as I can tell), but within just hours of each other.
My Amazon ranking shot to 6,093.

So it’s kind of cool to find yourself with a high ranking, but it’s not a measure that you’re rolling in new readers.

Not that I won’t still shoot for number one when “No Campfire, Girls” comes up in a couple of months … when it comes to predicting success in writing, I’m a master of self-deception.

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4 thoughts on “Why Amazon Rankings Don’t Rock”

  1. Now I don’t know much about new math, but if selling two books moves you ahead of 345,946 other authors, then selling two more books would make you King of the World.

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