Zimmerman vs DMX Out. We’ve Got Better



 The proposed George Zimmerman versus rapper DMX celebrity boxing match is off.

 It was on, now it’s off. I’m starting to feel sorry for George Zimmerman. First off, his wife leaves him. Probably she got some smarts. But then, he comes home and finds his girlfriend wearing a hoodie and eating skittles!!

 To top it off, he offers to fight anyone in a boxing ring just to extend his fifteen minutes of fame and… he can’t find someone to beat his ass.  To be fair, 15,000 people did volunteer to punch his lights out but most of them were not “famous” or shall we say “infamous” enough to promote. 

 A lot of people are saying Zimmerman doesn’t deserve a money making fight. He has no right to be called a “celebrity” and that any fight, especially one against an African-American opponent, would be in bad taste.

 Perhaps.  But we think there’s a possible fight that’s very promotable. The only problem is, the only people able to view the fight in person would be inmates in a Nevada prison in Lovelock, Nevada. We’re speaking about a fight between two Florida residents although one of them currently resides at Lovelock, O.J. Simpson, on a 33-year sentence not subject to parole until 2017.

 Can you see it? Isn’t it a natural? O.J. vs George.  Yeah, there’s an age difference but one was a superbly conditioned athlete.  Easily promotable, from Lovelock, Nevada:


“They both got away with murder… but they can’t get away from each other!”

 “No guns, no knives, no Skittles… Just two guys with their gloves!”

 “From Lovelock with no love lost!”

 “Anger issues? Girlfriends who don’t understand them? Let’s settle this!”

 “One doesn’t have a Heisman. The other doesn’t either!”

 “They’ve both abused their women. It’s time they abuse each other!”

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“He’ll be on O.J’s turf. Will he stand-his-ground now?”

 “Guilty consciousness in the ring, maybe they’ll beat it out of each other!”

 “One is gun happy. The other was in Naked Gun!”

“The loser promises to never be heard from again!”

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  1. I like the promise never to be heard of again. I wish the loser would promise that, too.

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