The Gift of Joy?

wake up vibeEach holiday, I search the internet to help you in your quest to find the perfect gift. For this Valentine’s Day gift, I found only one gift because after stumbling upon this, I felt my mission was complete. Here we go; are you ready?  An alarm clock. Don’t grumble. I hear you saying, “How romantic can an alarm clock be?”  Well–very.  For about $100 you can give your wife or significant other the romantic jolt of her life with a Wake-Up Vibe alarm clock.

Need I explain what this is?  Okay, I’ll explain it just for fun. This little gadget is an alarm clock and vibrator in one. Yep, your special lady places it in her panties at night and at the programmed time in the AM, it awakens her with a buzz not even a  double espresso with a chocolate kicker can provide. If you think about it, it’s a practical gift too. It’s perfect for the guy who has to travel a lot or the gal who just can’t get going unless she is “motivated”.  Anyway, nothing says love like an unlimited supply of “O” moments, and the woman in your life will never forget you even if the relationship fizzles because this little device comes with a guarantee to satisfy for a long time, and not all men can make that same claim.

If you are interested in the gift that keeps on giving, you can order it on  It comes in three colors: pink, purple and of course, black because we all know what they say about black–it goes with everything!

Well, that’s it until next year! I hope each day fills you– or at least the woman in your life–with joy!

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11 thoughts on “The Gift of Joy?”

  1. Be this on your head Don Don’s. If I go purchase this and Jill Y realizes it’s not shoes, I’m coming to your country to hide! You have been warned! 😉

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