Before After Is Before.

After some exhaustive investigating, I’ve uncovered a lie.


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10 thoughts on “Before After Is Before.”

  1. The most enviable change in the “After” photo is the cool shades, though I’d rather have Bill Y’s really cool shades.

    1. I’m glad you spotted that Bill. Afro-dude’s shades are merely a cheap imitation of cool.

  2. After 15 hours with a trainer, a fat white guy becomes a really buff black guy. Interesting. I wonder if they provide the dark glasses and the Afro wig.

  3. Amazing Bill Y! Who knew working out could change not only ones body but their hairstyle!

    1. Thanks Don Don’s. You’re looking at 6 months work there. Looking back, I still don’t know what it was that tipped me off but nobody wears a wig without Bill Y knowing about it.

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