Big Changes Coming At The Vatican


Last week Pope Francis delivered a speech in St. Peters Square. Partway through his speech he said “Not to have children is a selfish choice.” The impact of these words was significant and widespread — all around the world millions of infertile couples took great solace in the Pope’s rebuke.

But the current Pope is no dimwit. A few days after the speech, something must have occurred to him, because he announced a major change for the Vatican.

Speaking to Italian reporters, the Pope said:

“So I asked myself what would be more selfish than a couple not having children? And the answer came to me. It’d be joining an organization that doesn’t allow me to have children. And then ascending the ranks of that organization but not letting the millions of priests who work under me marry or have children either.”

Asked by reporters if this meant that the church would now start letting priests marry, the Pope responded “Nope, we’re gonna be rebuilding the Vatican entirely out of glass.”

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