Have You Heard the Buzz?

orgasmiaGerman doctors have developed a new vibrator implant that once inside a woman’s body, can be controlled from a smart phone or other device. The company which manufactures the Orgasmia offers a 20-year guarantee on the motor and covers half of the price of any upgrades that might “come” in the future. The cost for the implant is a mere $6,500.

Needless to say, I have some questions about this product:

1. If you turn it on while behind the wheel, is this considered buzzed driving?

2. Will we have to think twice when we ask people to “put their phones on vibrate?”

and finally

3. Is this the real eHarmony?



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21 thoughts on “Have You Heard the Buzz?”

  1. Those nice people who gave us the Volkswagen Beetle and trains that run on time are now giving us this? Was ist geschehn?

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