Horton Hears a Hoo-Ha


There’s a Hoo-Ha in Whoville

The thing is bright pink

And its stink is much stinkier than the stink from a Gink

Its color’s more vivid than you’d ever think

And when folks down in Whoville see it, they shrink

It makes the Whos’ eyes wide, but they give it a wink

It’s ingrained in their memories like indelible ink

And they love it so much, that they buy it a drink

They karaoke with it ’cause it can lip sync

And everything’s been in it, ‘cept the kitchen sink

Why the sight of that Hoo-Ha makes everyone blink

Some Whos approach it

While others will slink

Why, some Whos have easily been sent to the brink

But there’s nothing to fear, so don’t be such a grink

For, it’s surface is smooth as an ice skating rink

It’s more precious than gold, or copper, or zinc

When you tap it, it makes a sweet sound that goes plinkity-plinks

Or like balls played for tennis that go dinkity-dinks

And you could easily hit that, if your wand is like Tink’s

There’s a place for your missile,

A spot to heat sink

But don’t touch it, or people will think you’re a fink

Or worse, you could wind up a fink in the clink

Just imagine its softness, more lush than a mink

A void filled for the Whos

Like some missing link

It dresses up nicely

Like the prinkiest prink

So if you’re down in Whoville

and you spot the Hoo-Ha

Say “Hello!”, drop your pretense

But don’t drop your jaw

Just open your wallet, spend your money like Brinks

Because the Whos down in Whoville just opened Hoo-Ha Incs.

And it’s been really lucrative

More than you’d ever think

Consider this H00-Ha a slam dunk


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