HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Mary I Farr (Noah Vail)

Noah_frontcover2Mary I Farr joined me on Humoroutcasts Radio this week.  We tried to get Noah Vail, her equine voice to join us as well, but he was having too much fun in the barn. As many of you might know, Mary and Noah are the team behind NEVER SAY NEIGH: an adventure in fun, funny and the power of you. 

The first edition of Never Say Neigh earn Mary and Noah several awards  from The Paris Book Festival, the Great Midwest Book Festival and the Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival.  Noah’s message of never giving up and determination is one that reaches readers of all ages.

In the second edition, published by Humoroutcasts Press, there is a short discussion guide which focuses on this message as well.

A retired hospital chaplain, Mary is also a minister (first female Episcopalian minister ordained  in Wisconsin) and her work has taken her on many a journey to find the positive and the message of hope. Her experiences through the years prompted her to write WHEN YOUR PLAN A BOMBS which will be released by HOPress-Shorehouse Books this spring.

Noah is a social media phenomenon. He has more than 139,000 Facebook fans and maintains an active twitter account.  Please stop by Facebook and give a like!  He will whinny with delight! Or you can read about his adventures on his blog or on

Click on Mary’s name below to hear this fun interview.


Mary I Farr

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