Jim knows and that’s all you need to know.

The unbelievable knowledge of Capt. James T. Kirk:


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12 thoughts on “Jim knows and that’s all you need to know.”

  1. The red shirts were invented by the Brits in the 1700s, who not only dressed their troops in red coats, they made them wear a white cross on their chests just in case the enemy were not good shots and needed a target to shoot at

    1. Watching a Red Coat faint after that sleep-inducing pollen is still one of the greatest moments in celluloid history.

  2. Did you ever notice how you have translated that knowledge to every TV show and movie you watch now? Uh oh. There’s the extraneous guy like in Star Trek!!! This post had everyone in my house rolling with laughter!

    1. It must be horrible for the actor who finally lands a part in Star Trek only to realise that the part you’re playing is a Red Shirt! A quick gig, if ever there was one!

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