7 thoughts on “Letter to Santa”

  1. Yes, Virginia, there IS an Amazon. And with the help of our reindeer—Postal, Brown, and FedExen—we can easily deliver your request (a radically AWESOME-looking Kid Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale remote-controlled car—excellent choice by the way—) to your home within 2 days. And while it takes Santa an entire night to deliver gifts using a sleigh, in the near future Amazon Prime Air, using patented miniature unmanned air vehicle technology (what we like to call “octocopter drones”), will be able to deliver your Christmas wishes right to your doorstep in just 30 minutes from the time your parents click the “Buy” button—if the FAA will just get off their asses and approve our plans. In other words your remote-controlled car can be delivered to you by our remote-controlled drone in the near (not remote) future.*

    Instant deliveries of Christmas gifts from aerial vehicles will soon no longer require a magical elf. So keep your eyes on the skies. Amazon is comin’ to town.

    *Some weight, size, and distance restrictions apply.

    1. According to the word on the street, in 2005, two Intel employees set up a wifi hotspot at the Barneo ice camp, just 80km from the North Pole.

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