Literally…Keeping that Spark Alive

memory boxOnce again, I am not sure why these things find their way into my inbox, but apparently, a lot of people out there think I am more adventurous than I am.  Despite the plethora of sex emails that I tend to get and ignore, I have to admit that this message grabbed my attention as it meshes together the three great topics: sex, death and love.

Let’s take a poll: how many of you bought a necklace with your loved one’s hair or ashes from a funeral home as a keepsake?  Raise your hands and don’t be shy; these items are quite common amongst the bereaved.  Okay, how many of you would have preferred your loved one’s remains in another “vessel”—say a dildo?

Yep, a Dutch entrepreneur is now offering a memory box that allows a widow or significant other to re-live the intimate memories of their deceased lover.  The memory box contains 21 grams of the deceased person’s ashes which are encased in that special “toy.” A box holds the toy and a sample of the loved one’s signature scent. The box also serves as an iPod amplifier so the bereaved can load up the deceased person’s favorite music selection to enhance the romance of the moment. As insurance that prying eyes won’t discover the special keepsake, the box has a lock and a key pendant so that the bereaved can always keep their loved one close to their heart—at least symbolically.

As always,  I have some questions:

1. Can the “toy” accidentally open and deposit the ashes into places not meant for ashes?

2. Is there a contingency plan for what goes into the toy if the deceased decides he does not want to be cremated?

And finally,

3. Is there a limit on how many memory boxes one woman can buy?

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20 thoughts on “Literally…Keeping that Spark Alive”

  1. Gives a whole meaning to, “He was a pain in my ass in life, so why not in death – only in a happy sexy way.

  2. “Keep your love alive. Keep your love alive. Spending all your time and money to keep your love alive.” – Queen

    * Those lyrics are quite possibly close to the real ones.

  3. Yikes. I keep thinking I’ve heard it all. I’m always wrong.
    What a concept!
    P.S. LOVE your questions! 🙂

  4. My wife wants one, but I told her, “Over my dead body!”
    As for the music, how about Rod Stewart singing, “If ya think I’m sexy and ya want my ashes . . . “

  5. Why not just use Cynthia Plaster Caster’s method? That woman can have Jimi Hendrix, Keith Jagger, and anyone else she has molded – whenever she wants. No ashes involved! 😉

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