Marie Claire Releases Unretouched Sarah Palin Speech

This week, fresh on the heels of leaked unretouched Cindy Crawford and Beyonce photographs, there has been another leak. This time, it is Sarah Palin who is being praised for the freshness and groundbreaking honesty found in an unretouched speech she had put to paper. Some hailed the jumble of seemingly unrelated words as a “breath of fresh air” and evidence that many sentences are poorly constructed and do not all illustrate a cogent point.


“Bravo, Ms. Palin. For showing that not all talk good sentence all the time,” said one fan.

Many have suspected that speeches are often dictated to candidates or even gone over in multiple waves called “drafts,” but this speech contained none of the pretense of literacy found in most speeches.

Some believe it was refreshing to see someone in the public eye, and therefore obviously very smart, spelling phrases naturally like “loose the election,” “that is bias opinion,” and “it’s a doggy dog world.” Many also appreciated that 54% of the words were “freedom.”

Still others did not really notice a marked difference between this particular speech of hers and any of the others she’s given.

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