Maybe I should have gone with Spider-Man

I’m looking for new publicity methods, so this is what I came up with for my book signing a week from tomorrow:


If I sell 250 books at the signing, from 2-5 July 11th at the Noble Art Gallery, I will scale the three story Black Building in a Batman outfit and moonwalk across the roof.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Mark, you don’t know how to moonwalk”. Good point, and way to miss the big picture. But this is how I look at it: If I ever sell 250 copies at one three hour book signing, I’ll die of a happy heart attack before my acrobatic abilities are ever questioned.


(For those of you who aren’t medically educated, a happy heart attack has the exact same results as an unhappy heart attack.)


I don’t even know if I have 250 copies of all my books. I was at the same location (100 N. Orange St) for four hours in December, and sold 8 copies. Still, it might be a wise precaution to do up several dozen IOU’s, and update my will. Best case scenario: In the future Dan Gagen can tell art lovers his studio is haunted by a dead author.

I need to sell 250 stories to scale 3 stories.
I need to sell 250 stories to scale 3 stories.


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4 thoughts on “Maybe I should have gone with Spider-Man”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen French rock climber/tightrope walker, Alain Robert do his thing dressed as Spiderman but there’s definitely room for a moonwalking Batman.

  2. I hope I get to read a news story on the AP about you being rescued from the 2nd floor facing of the Black Building. Wearing a superhero costume. I will forgive you the moonwalk.

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