Presidential Add Dress

Finally, the debate has ended and you’re probably missing the dress firestorm, “Is it Blue and Black or Gold and White” social media controversy?  Well, cheer up folks.  A new dress is trending – well sort of.

Pennsylvania artist, Nelson Shanks subliminally painted Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress in the 2006 presidential portrait of Bill Clinton in the form of a shadow saying the scandal was an important part of his presidential history and it was fitting it be acknowledged.

Now my trending question of the day is: Is it Solid Blue or Blue and Cream?

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16 thoughts on “Presidential Add Dress”

  1. Now I understand why my libido hits a new low every time I see that portrait.

    Much as I dislike Bill Clinton, I really think that painter should have to give his commission back. It was a pretty unprofessional thing to do … and I’m not convinced there isn’t a cigar painted into the background, somewhere.

    1. Yes Billy and I’d say they would agree it’s blue and cream . . . yes another bada bing with a rimshot!

  2. Your country is so cool. A musician can become president and it just doesn’t get any better than that. Having said that, if Bono attempts it over here, I’ll be having words!

    1. Yes Bill Y, Bill Clinton is a smooth jazz saxs player. Not many people have seen his sax, I’ve seen his sax. bada bing, ringa ding!!

  3. Hahaha! Love this! And all of your rimshots, too.

    Ok but seriously….do you see a dress there? I don’t think that shadow looks anything like a dress. Also, the vase also has a shadow. There was something about that vase I never trusted, and now I think I know why.

    1. I agree Emily. The shadow may or may not look like Monica’s dress but the shadow of the firedog log holder looks a bit naughty. Bada boom, bada bing!

  4. It’s neither blue nor cream. It’s gray-purple-some fuzzy, unidentifiable color.

    Let the debate begin! 😀

    1. I definitely see a blue dress with a cream stain Kathy . . .last and final rimshot! 😉

    1. I beg to differ Tom judging from the shadowy cream stain on the front . . . another rimshot!

    1. Yep Donna I agree! At least this shadow is standing up . . . rimshot!

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