Trouble In Paradise?


The Washington Post is reporting that the Islamic State appears to be fraying from within. This from their March 8th reporting:

The Islamic State appears to be starting to fray from within, as dissent, defections, and setbacks on the battlefield sap the groups strength and erode it’s aura of invincibility…”

Reporters from the Post interviewed the three fighters pictured above. Apparently, the primary source of conflict is the leadership’s demeaning treatment of its foot soldiers. And the greatest source of tension involves their face masks:

“I tried to alert my CO to the dangers of one attack,” the guy on the right told a reporter, “but he said ‘Put a sock on it, just like you did with your head.’”

The fighter in the middle backed up his buddy’s assertions of an abusive leadership style. “Yeah,” he told the reporter, “my officer keeps referring to me as ‘Lieutenant Tablecloth.’ Pisses me off.”

You can see the soldier in back totally ignoring his commanding officer’s request for a High-Five. He told reporters that he was done running into battles like the other guys.

“Our CO shouted at me ‘Are you hiding something under that cut-rate facemask? Did you get measles or something? I told your moron parents not to get you vaccinated!’”

It’s rumored that ISIS is hiring the same Sensitivity Training consultant who’s currently working with the Ferguson, Missouri police department. But experts doubt even that will repair the damage done by the endless face mask taunting.

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