You Probably Watched The Wrong Debate Too

The B Team killed it.
The B Team killed it.

A record number of viewers tuned in for last Thursday’s main GOP debate (but not the earlier one featuring 2nd tier candidates, dubbed “The Kids Table”). This lopsided turnout makes sense. Most viewers wanted to see Chris Christie answer one particular question. Christie had earlier said that the national teachers’ union deserved “a punch in the face.” So viewers were hoping that Fox host Meghan Kelly would refer to Christie’s statement and then ask “But how could you even do that with a jelly doughnut in your hand?”

Viewers didn’t get to hear that question. They should’ve watched the earlier debate instead, where the questions were far better. This debate was moderated by Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum, two Fox employees (pictured above) who didn’t get their requests for vacation time in early enough.

Early into the evening, MacCallum asked Rick Santorum this question:

“There is an increasing willingness in this country to accept assistance. How do you get Americans who are able to take a job instead of a handout?”

And Santorum replied:

“Well, if they’re female and have naturally blonde hair, they need to dye the roots dark, like you do. That obviously opens doors.”

But the most interesting exchange occurred later, between Hemmer and Rick Perry:

Hemmer: “How would you describe the Democratic front-runner in two words?”

Perry: “Dumb as you.”

Hemmer: “That’s three words.”

Perry: “No. ‘Dumbass’ is one word, and ‘you’ is the second.”

Hemmer: “Okay, but that makes no sense grammatically.”

Perry: “This is America. No one gives a damn about grammar anymore.”

Only a handful of people showed up for this debate. But they were the ones who got answers to the things that really matter.

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