The Mysterious Woman from Mars?

The internet is all in a tizzy over the mysterious photo NASA received from Mars. The image in question shows what UFO experts (the experts who think aliens created the pyramids and Donald Trump) say is a long-haired woman walking upon the rocks on the red planet. Real Scientists have presented three theories of their own and believe the figure is most likely one of the following: marslady

1. Dust on the lens of the Mars camera

2. Light reflecting off a rock formation


3. Amelia Earhart

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17 thoughts on “The Mysterious Woman from Mars?”

  1. See how prejudiced the world has been? All this time people kept talking about the man in the moon and now we find out it was a woman! I KNEW it! 😉

  2. OMG! The REAL scientists are right! It is Amelia Earhart! Corroborated by the Alien Experts claims of it being a long haired woman, that makes sense! Her hair has grown over time, yes? But the best part is, we can now say that this giant step for mankind was made by, wait for it, a WOMAN! I can walk a little taller today, thank you!

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