Bubble of Math

I told Jill Y that I didn’t count. She assured me that I did, told me that low self-esteem is a terrible thing and that I should hold my head up high at all times. I told her that she misunderstood me and that my self-esteem was higher than Don Trump’s hair apparel thingy when the wind is blowing as furiously as 65 vicious tornados. I told her that I didn’t count in the mathematical sense of the word because math makes as much sense as blaming Nickleback for all bad music when we have Bon Jovi in the same world. I spent the next 27.85% of the day trying to explain how confused math makes me. I showed her this picture where I am the white cat and the bubble is math:


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12 thoughts on “Bubble of Math”

  1. The next meeting of the Math Impaired Number Haters support group will take place as soon as I get enough people interested to bother setting a date and time, buying cookies and making coffee.

  2. I like cats and bubbles Bill Y, but I dislike math 75% and Nickleback 30% totaling 100% dislike of Bon Jovi.

    1. I recommend hypnotizing the cat to bring you wine. It works for Jill Y.

  3. Bill Y, you may not have yet quite qualified as a mathlete, but you are THIS close to advancing. You are—as they say—“on the bubble.”

    P.S. I think your name should be Bill Y Golden.

    1. We can work with that name, Bill. My name is ever changing like the opposite of our Irish weather.

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