Curt Schilling Posted Bigoted Meme Despite Serious Head Injury


Hours after analyst and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was fired by ESPN for yet another social media faux pas, it was revealed that he amazingly posted his most recent bigoted meme while nursing a serious injury.


The injury is believed to have happened at least 17 months ago before his lengthy tirade denouncing evolution, his claims that his Republican views kept him out of the Hall of Fame, his comparisons of Muslims to Nazis, his revelation that the blood moon was speaking out against the Iranian nuclear deal, his determination that ISIS won a recent Democratic debate, his assertion that Hillary Clinton should be buried under a jail, and his most recent post mocking transgender individuals.

“It was amazing that he was able to do all of these ridiculous things while injured so severely,” said Schilling’s agent, in a brief statement, adding, “the bloody icepack removed from his head can be purchased on ebay, with a starting bid of $20,000.”

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