The Savior and the Sonogram?

jesuscrossA woman in Indiana got a big surprise when she looked at the sonogram of her soon-to-arrive baby. There, in the midst of her womb was an image of what her relatives and friends say is Jesus on the cross.  Astounded that her womb could house both the Savior and his cross, the pregnant mother-to-be asked three questions:



  • He’s arriving for the second time; can’t he make an entrance without a uterus?
  • Does this qualify as a virgin birth?

And finally,

  • This is a C-section right?
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6 thoughts on “The Savior and the Sonogram?”

  1. Someone should tell this woman that you are supposed to wear a crucifix on a chain, around your neck, not inside your body. 😉

  2. Ouch, the cross is bad enough, but the nails. . . man, that’s one delivery that’s gonna hurt. Can I get an Amen!

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