Humor Meets Horror – Phantom to drop first album in over eight decades

phantomBy Noe Noyse
Staff Mu-sick Writer

The Phantom of the Opera has been back at the pipe organ lately and, next week, will drop his first album since the 1920s.

Friend and longtime collaborator Mad Organist from one of the haunted mansions in the Black Lagoon’s Haunted Mansion Row told Jack-o’-Lantern Radio that he’s already heard the tracks.

“It’s mega, it’s totally Phantom, it’s what his fans have been waiting for,” Organist said. “It’s definitely a dope record.”

Chillboard Magazine reported that the album, “Straight Outta the Opera House,” would feature The Banshee of South Ireland, the Ghost of Christmas Past and Eminem.

“I went into the studio a few months back and got my creative processes flowing,” Phantom told reporters this weekend when he announced the new release. “Think phat pipe organ wind. This album journeys through a hybrid of opera organ, classical organ, secular organ and just plain organ organ. Three of the nine tracks have vocals that’re off the chain.”

Phantom’s previous work sold more than 52 album copies worldwide and his concerts at opera houses everywhere have sold tickets.

“Straight Outta the Opera House” is currently available for online pre-orders in the iTunes store. It’s everywhere on Tuesday.

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