Pokemon Go Announces Presidential Candidate Edition to be Released November 1

Washington, October 25, 2016 – The creators of the successful game Pokemon Go have announced a “special edition” of the game, which will be available in the app store November 1, in celebration of Election Day.

“In this special version of Pokemon Go, players can find a dozen very rare Pokemon,” says Jane Doe, publicist for the company. “For example, there’s the Charmlessander, which flames people on Twitter when provoked. Or not provoked. Or when SNL makes fun of it.”


Another new character is the ThirdpartyChu, who answers every question with, “Legalize pot,” except for when it occasionally asks, “What is Washington?” Meanwhile, the StatedepartmentChu can erase emails with the flick of its tail, and the GreenpartyPuff shoots trails of fire at climate change deniers.

“We hope these new, rare characters encourage people to get out and vote,” says Doe. “You may have an easier time finding them near polling locations.”

Pokemon Go player Bob Smith says he’s eager to find the new Pokemon. “I wasn’t going to vote this year, but my grandpa says if he can vote while dead, I can get off my ass and go to the polls, too. It’s nice to know that while I’m standing in line, trying to figure out what the hell all those extra things on the ballot are before you get to the presidential people, I might be able to catch some Pikachu. I’m especially excited to find the LoserLoo, because I hear it can dodge any serious question about its abilities and experience with rants about ISIS and election rigging. I also want to find the BernieBat, which rises from the ashes and runs again in eight years.”


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