That Does Feel Good!

hair salon chairI went for a haircut at my newly remodeled hair salon. A nice young man directed me to the massage chair at the shampoo station. For at least 10 minutes, that chair worked its magic on my back while that nice young man worked magic on my scalp. Long story short: I think I broke at least one commandment.

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9 thoughts on “That Does Feel Good!”

  1. As long as nobody fimed it and put it on YouTube, it didn’t happen, Don Don’s. Them’s the rules!

  2. Thou shall not covet thy stylist’s tools or is it tool? 😉

  3. Can you suggest to the rest of us the best way to get our own hairdressing salons to install these?

    You would be doing the women of the world a great favor, and ensuring repeated customers for many hairdressers.

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