The Logic Of The Drug War In Two Pictures


The federal government classifies drugs under the Controlled Substances Act (1970). Drugs are assigned to a Schedule level ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most harmful and 5 being the least (for example cough medicines with codeine are a Schedule 5 drug). This system was devised by very smart people. And today it’s managed by people who really know their stuff. For instance:

This guy used a Schedule 1 Drug – Marijuana:


He went on to be President of the United States.

This guy used a Schedule 2 Drug – Methamphetamine:


He’s not going to be President of anything.

So, if you find some marijuana in your teenager’s dresser, you should flush it down the toilet and urge them to switch to meth. Sure, they’ll be picking at scabs while their teeth rot away, but at least they’ll be using a safer drug.

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2 thoughts on “The Logic Of The Drug War In Two Pictures”

  1. oMG. I feel like I’ve failed my kids. We’re never going to have a president in this family thanks to all my anti-drug pushing. Great post. Great point.

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