Hunting Mushrooms

I went out hunting mushrooms, a spore-t even I could succeed at.

Kidding–I just stumbled across them by happy accident. (Literally stumbled across them, in one case.)

I hate regular mushrooms. They taste like a 50s horror movie. Still, I must admit that finding edible ones in the wild made my interest … well … mushroom a bit. And who doesn’t want to have a little fun-gus in their life?

So, at my wife’s urging (okay, she made me), I tried one. She fried it up, with a little butter, much the way I like everything cooked except for chocolate. (I like my chocolate covered with a nice thick layer of more chocolate.)

It tasted like pork. I’m not kidding. Unlike mushrooms I’ve tried in the past, which taste much like unripe raw rubber, these are much Morel tasty. (Now I’m wondering what raw rubber really tastes like.)  It’s not a food I’d want every day, but it just goes to show you … sometimes it’s worth giving something new a try.

Before you ask, I was assured by the property owner that if I identified where I found these Morels, I’d end up pushing them up myself.

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4 thoughts on “Hunting Mushrooms”

    1. That’s probably a better name than “mushrooms”, since they don’t taste like mushrooms at all. My family comes from Kentucky — I wonder if I ever stumbled across Morels while tromping across the hills as a kid, without realizing what they were?

  1. The family of the drummer in my high school band used to do a big spring mushroom hunt (this was in Missouri), then fry them in butter and eat them. Struck me as positively weird.

    1. It does strike me as weird — or it did until I tasted them fried in butter. My wife is also from Missouri, but never tasted Morels until this incident.

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