America’s Great Debate: Pie or Cake?

In the past two years, our nation has become increasingly polarized. We’ve become a divided nation, with people firmly rooted in one camp or the other. There appears to be no end in sight to the name-calling and stereotyping. We’ve even taken to unfriending people on Facebook simply because … Continue reading

Ugly Americans First Meal in Paris

On the bus in London and the Eurostar to France, our tour guide coached us. "Speak French. They like to hear their language, and will respect you if you try it. Remember, eating at a French restaurant is an experience. Savor every course. Don’t be too quick to order your meal. Enjoy the wine and … Continue reading

Another Super Bowl Sunday

          As the big game approaches, what do you look forward to most as a fan? 1. Your team winning (subliminal message: Eagles, Eagles, Eagles, sorry Pats fans) 2. A good excuse to enjoy wings, food and beer (and cake and cookies-desserts of any … Continue reading

Feast a burden

Overeating makes no sense to me. Unless there’s competition involved. My younger brother and I used to try to out-eat one another at buffets and Thanksgiving feasts, and we’d eat so much we’d make ourselves sick for days to follow. But it’s been years since we’ve been to a buffet or … Continue reading