5 thoughts on “Hedgehog”

  1. This reminds me of a Stephen King book. Yes, I read Stephen King, a lot. Please don’t shoot me, though. I don’t need to be put out of my Misery just yet! 😀

    The prize goes to whoever guesses which Stephen King book has hedge animals in it, and what creepy things those hedge animals do.

    1. I can’t say I’ve read any Stephen King. I’m becoming so lazy that I like other people to read books to me. Thank god, there’s an industry for it!

      1. Well, in case anyone is interested, the book I am referring to is “The Shining.” In the movie there is a hedge maze. In the book there is no maze, but there are hedge animals (a “topiary”) and the creepy thing they do is to move to different spots.

  2. Bill Y, there is always one guy in the neighborhood that has to hog everything–even landscaping. I think he is cute though. I wonder if he will come to my house and do the same thing!

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