I Get Around

It never ceases to amaze me how terrible some drivers are. They’ll run lights, turn without signals and putter along in the passing lane on the highway. And I yell at them and swear at them. Of course they don’t hear me. No one does. I’m usually alone in the car, with the windows rolled up. But if they looked at me they’d see some marvellous body language. Particularly the use of my middle finger.

Now if it isn’t bad enough contending with bad drivers there are companies competing to mass produce driverless cars. Will a driverless car stop for traffic lights, use turn signals and speed up in the passing lane? I don’t know. And I’m not sure I want to find out. And besides, where’s the fun at that. No more yelling at stupid drivers.

Another couple of companies are testing out flying cars. Yeah, apparently if the commute’s too heavy you just flip up the wings and fly the friendly skies. I’m really not sure what kind of traffic control will exist with cars flying willy nilly in the pale blue yonder. And you know how you push your car along until the tank runs almost dry before you find a gas station? What happens when that occurs, un, yeah, up there?

Yet another company is going a different route. (no pun intended) The Tesla company is proposing placing your car into an underground sled and hurtling you around at 130 miles per hour. The concept would allow parking on a sled on the surface and then being lowered to one of 30 underground levels.

All I can say is when the driver and driverless car, the flying car and the burrowing car all reach their destination they’ll all still be fighting over that one parking space.


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4 thoughts on “I Get Around”

    1. You know what I think we need is a “beam me up” device. I think that would solve all these problems. The device could beam you back thus slowing time. Ta-da.

  1. Hee. Let the parking wars begin!

    Underground? Shouldn’t that just be a subway train? I’m not so sure about the driverless cars. Flying cars have always intrigued me but yeah, who’s managing the air space?

    1. Why don’t more people just take the bus instead of driving alone in their cars. Not bikes. Bikes and cars always fight over who owns the road. I hope they don’t go with flying buses.

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