Karma, Where Are You??


How do you handle it when things go wrong? I don’t mean wrong in the sense that “oh damn, something broke” or “I’m late”. I mean things like relatives in the hospital, a disappearing spouse and a misbehaving child. Did I mention hair loss and being expected to handle this mess largely on your own? I am told it helps to have an outlet. Usually I like to do something to cheer myself up, like watch a funny movie. This time, I feel like I need something a little bigger.

Since murder is illegal and alcohol has a lot of empty calories, I went the healthy route and resorted to strenuous exercise. The news isn’t all bad I guess. The strenuous exercise included punching and elbowing things, tremendous stress relief and no attorneys needed. I’m told my grandfather was fond of looking at others who were worse off than he was. I don’t think comparing myself to others is the problem. My problem is crappy things happening to good people and why we never seem to hear about rat bastards having bad luck.

What is the deal with karma? I’ve always believed that what goes around comes around but sometimes I wonder. There seems to be a long list of people karma forgot. Despite this, I try to keep my nose clean, largely because I still have to live with myself. Whoever I pissed off in a previous life, I hope it was worth it. Comeuppance pieces don’t get good ratings I guess. My definition of feel good stories are different from most. You’ll also never see a card at a store that says “You’re in the Hospital, serves you right dumbass!” or “Have a S**tty Birthday, ***hole!”. Guess I won’t be writing for Hallmark anytime soon. Sometimes leaving negativity behind, for me at least, can be like getting toilet paper off your shoe. I don’t always figure it out quickly.

There are also those who say ‘you still have your health’. They are right, I just wish some energy came with it. (Is it wrong to think a hospital stay would be almost a vacation? ) These crap storms are draining to say the least. ‘Look on the bright side’, I plan to, as soon as I can find it. I’m having a little trouble seeing it right now. My guess is that everyone goes through this and so rather than get plastered at a bar, I’m saving money and calories by kvetching into my pc. Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, a nice edam or brie would be good but I digress.

A bit of guilt free mommy time would be helpful, too. My husband bought me a gift card for a massage. It took me a whole goddamn year to get there. Stress relief once a year whether I need it or not may need some work before my head explodes. Why are our vacations only once a year for one week? I’ll go out on a limb here and say our priorities are a bit warped.

Rough patches don’t last forever, but sometimes they move like glaciers. In the meantime, since there’s a bunch of junk I can’t control, I’ll just have to focus on what I can. It’s important for me to eat my elephant one bite at a time. There’s an old joke sign that says, ‘You can’t please everybody, today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.’ It won’t be easy to accept but not everything will be handled the way I want if at all. Somehow life will go on. Have a shitty day, and let me know how it goes.

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2 thoughts on “Karma, Where Are You??”

  1. During the week before Christmas, I fell flat on my face on the way to my bank. I landed on my nose and, to a lesser extent, on my mouth. I was bleeding like a river, so the bank manager called an ambulance for me and I went to the nearest emergency room, where they cleaned the external wound, put a glue bandage on it and sent me to get X-rays of my head and my left hand, which was hurting. They told me I had a tiny fracture in my nose and that it would take a few weeks to heal, after all the bleeding stopped and the bruises and black eyes healed.

    I had to go around for a week or two with a face that looked like I’d been in a fight. It took the bleeding a few days to stop its intermittent flow.

    I used humor to deal with this. Knowing that it wasn’t a life or death emergency and that it would heal also helped.

    My face looks normal now. I still have a little bump on my nose and a red spot, which is probably where the tiny fracture is trying to heal. I can deal with a tiny bump on the nose, though.

    The surprise is that I had so little pain through all this that I didn’t even have to take a pain pill.

    1. Thank you bigtime for taking time to respond. You are correct, perspetive helps! Sooner or later we’ll be back to what passes for normal.

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