Seven Things I Learned About Dave Letterman from Jason Zinoman’s “Letterman: The Last Giant Of Late Night.”

By: The U.S. Army

Letterman felt that it was important to have guests who annoy the public because “it feels good to scream at the TV once in a while.”

Letterman thought that Rush Limbaugh was “very entertaining and also full of shit.”

Before each episode of “Late Night,” Letterman snacked on pineapple and Hershey bars, carefully broken into small squares. (The chocolate was shipped to him directly from Hershey headquarters in Pennsylvania.)

Letterman was a “committed hypochondriac” with, among other supposed ailments,  a  “fragile” neck. He occasionally wore a neck brace. Everyone on the “Late Night” staff knew never to touch his neck.

Richard Nixon once asked his special counsel, Chuck Colson, about talk show host Dick Cavett, “is there any way we can screw him?”

According to longtime writer Steve Young, Letterman “was never truly comfortable unless he was seething with unhappiness at something.”

Johnny Carson preferred Letterman to Leno. After he left “The Tonight Show,” Carson periodically sent Letterman jokes for his show.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Things I Learned About Dave Letterman from Jason Zinoman’s “Letterman: The Last Giant Of Late Night.””

  1. If the frequency of my screaming at the television these days is any indicator, Letterman would have had a boatload of interesting guests from which to choose–most of them members of the GOP.

  2. I adored Dave. Watched his shows for all 33 years, half my life and half of his. He and I are the same age. I was in his audience twice. The last time was with a friend in November 2014.

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