Worst Home Maintenance Fail Ever, Explosions Excluded

When I opened my blog this morning, I found that all my visitor stats had disappeared. (They popped back into existence a few hours later, having apparently undergone some kind of existential crisis. I’ve been there.)

One would be tempted to blame the internet in general. However, in the last two days I’ve broken a brand new pipe wrench, a washing machine, a copper water pipe, a vent hood, my back, and the entire water supply to my house. Can’t speak for the new water heater: I haven’t advanced to the point of igniting the pilot.

So for the moment I’m not prepared to blame anyone else for stuff going wrong in my  vicinity.

On an all-too-related note, you might not be hearing from me for a few days.

Then there was the chimney demolition, which led to a broken sledge hammer, smashed ladder, and giant hole in the ground.
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2 thoughts on “Worst Home Maintenance Fail Ever, Explosions Excluded”

    1. Why, it dropped bricks on me, of course. It also developed holes in its side. Basically, its bricks were rejected by every decent chimney.

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