You can run but you can’t hide…

Despite burying them, 22 stories beneath the surface of the earth, Jill Y managed to find the credit cards. Even though there was no wind, these receipts somehow managed to get blown into the neighbor’s yard…

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7 thoughts on “You can run but you can’t hide…”

  1. So…we are clearly continuing the tale of women shopping…I assume the young girl in shoe photo was Jill Y at the start of her career. I would like to sign up for her webinar, please.

    1. If I told you that she works for Jimmy Choo, you wouldn’t believe me.
      I wouldn’t believe me either!

  2. “Victims of Hurricane Missy (or Miss Y) saddened to find out that FEMA cannot provide relief after having been stretched too thin from recent string of natural disasters.”

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