10 Things I Hate About Batman

I’m an extremely depressed human being.

So a lot of days I end up drinking alone, smoking illegal herb and watching movies.

Today I made the realization….

And this is some next level Stephen Hawking shit;

10 Things I Hate About You and Batman exist on the same universal plain.

Robin and The Joker were high school “friends”.


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The selfie above is proof.

So what happened?

Here’s my theory.

Robin is a self serving high school bully.

His incessant pushing of Joker to fall for Kat; built a false unattainable world in The Jokers mind.  And her ultimate rejection drove him to his criminal madness.

Then upon seeing his pure joy in madness, Kat who’s been chronically unhappy her entire life starts her criminal career has a shoplifter and slowly increases thefts until she becomes the most elite cat burglar in the world; Catwoman.

Look what you did Robin!!! You created TWO of the biggest criminals in Gotham!

But wait there’s more….

Robin’s short nerdy Jewish friend;

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Constantly ignored turns to his fondness of penguins to ease his loneliness, until he starts to dress like them and steal shiny pebbles (or jewels).

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I mean look at that nose. Is anymore proof needed?

Three of the most iconic criminals in Gotham’s history all created by Robin’s careless disregard for human emotion.

But there’s more.

Bianca, who Robin referred to as The Forbidden Fruit; Poison Ivy.

Joey, the classically good looking guy who Robin mocks about his manly beauty to the point he permanently disfigures himself; creating TwoFace.

Robin is a sick twisted bastard!!!

Also I might of smoked too much Blueberry Bahama Mama.




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