All I want for X-mas:

X-mas is coming, the wallets getting thin,

Got to buy some running gear, not sure where to begin.

 All I want for Christmas said the runner to her hubby.

“Another pair of running socks and maybe a bottle of bubbly”

 “Of course I can always use,

another pair of running shoes”

 “A running store gift card will do quite fine,

Plus a bottle of Burgundy or Merlot wine”

 “A GPS running watch might be kind of pricey,

But it would fit my wrist very, very nicely”

 “Include a box of Clif bars, is that too much to ask?

I always take one with me as I complete my daily task”

 “Another pair of running gloves for those cold December runs,

Plus a pair of padded running tights to warm my freezing buns”

 So now that she has told me, the way becomes quite clear,

The wallets gotten thinner, but anything for you, my dear.

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