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How many miles do I need to run?

July 13, 2018

Recently it was reported in the news that the winner of the famous (or is that infamous) hot dog eating contest on the Fourth of July at Coney Island ate 74 hot dogs!

Now, that is impressive, since it was accomplished within the allotted 10 minutes.

So, I had to wonder, how does one cope with eating that much?

I wouldn’t even eat 74 hot dogs in 10 days, that’s 7.4 hot dogs per day! According to my online research, one hot dog with bun provides 260 calories, so 7.4 hot dogs in one day would provide me with 1924 calories, well within my daily requirement (not including my daily workout requirement). That means having hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not what one would call a well-balanced diet.

So let’s say I wanted to work off those extra calories with a daily run. Again, according to online research, the average weight for a man is 191 pounds. Using the following formula that I’ve found to be reasonably accurate:

Weight X the factor of 0.76 = calories/mile

Therefore, I would have to run 13.25 miles to burn off those 7.4 hot dogs. Certainly doable (but not by me) and well within the capability of an elite runner, although any elite runner would be adamantly opposed to eating even one hot dog let alone over 7 in one day!

Now if we go back to the winner of the hot dog eating contest, it’s apparent that he would have to burn off 19240 calories (assuming he weighed 191 pounds) to offset what he ate in 10 minutes. Based on the above, that would mean running 132.5 miles.

Not going to happen!

So, the only conclusion I can come to is that he spent the rest of the day in the bathroom!


Roger Hollis

Air Force veteran, a veteran of 30+ years in the corporate world. Published in Medical Devices magazine. Illustrator for "1000 Ways in 1000 Days" available on Amazon. Long time runner. Author of "Running Log" also available on Amazon

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