My New Year’s Brain


Today I’m grateful for my new year’s brain. And I wonder what happened to it.  I know it’s there somewhere because I just had a conversation with it. Here’s how it went. . .


Me:  I wonder why no one has commented on my blog post for today?

Alt Me:  I know, it’s odd.  Usually someone says at least something.

Me:  Right?  Like even a quick “like” by someone.

Alt Me:  Right.  I don’t think you’ve ever posted anything where at least one person hit a button to like, love, wow or whatever.

Me:  Good thing there isn’t an ef-off button.

Alt Me:  A lot would probably use that one.

Me:  I can think of a few good uses myself.

Alt Me:  I bet you can.

Me:  So it’s not just me, right?  It’s odd no one commented.

Alt Me:  It’s odd. I already said that.

Me: I saw more comments on the Spirograph one and the Eating/Exercise one, but nothing on todays.

Alt Me:  What was today’s about?

Me:  Um.  I don’t remember.

Alt Me:  YOU wrote it!  How can you not remember what it’s about?

Me:  No clue.

Alt Me:  What time did you write it?  Maybe that will trigger your memory.

Me:  Um.  Ummm.  Ummmm.  Ummmmmmmm.  I don’t think I wrote one.

Alt Me:  How many ways can you spell Asshole?

Me:  Just one.  Mary Mooney!!!!!


This is Mary.  This is Mary’s new year’s brain on Mary.  Can’t wait to see what’s next can you?  Me either.


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One thought on “My New Year’s Brain”

  1. First of all: nice hat! Secondly, I have done this. Thought I posted something and never did. So, don’t worry about your brain. It’s still there and very active!

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