Well, you’re a real Einstein, aren’t you.


I wonder how long we will use “Einstein” as a way to denote someone who’s genius-level smart, or who thinks he is?

“Well, you’re a real Einstein, aren’t you.”

It’s mostly used sarcastically, or sardonically, or maybe ironically, could be facetiously (see also mordant, acerbic, trenchant…). I get those words mixed up all the time. Me not Einstein.

I wonder what name Einstein himself used when mocking some other smart aleck. “Well, you’re a real ME, aren’t you.”

The days of using “Einstein” are numbered, I think. I don’t know a single teenager who recalls the name. The closest they get is some remnant memory of an old guy sticking his tongue out. I’m convinced that’s the way Einstein wanted to be remembered.

“Hawking”. That seems to be the next logical replacement. “Well, you’re a real Hawking, aren’t you.” I know. It rolls off the tongue like a spit ball. Not ready for primetime.

Maybe it’s time for a woman to have this illustrious spot in popular conversation. My favourite female physicist (yes, I have a list of favourite physicists) is Lisa Randall. She can string me along for hours talking string theory.

“Well, you’re a real Randall, aren’t you.” That’s it. That’s what I’m using at cocktail parties. I’ll just have to deal with all the blank stares I get.

Next, we’ll update “No shit, Sherlock”. Perhaps “No shit, Angela Lansbury”?

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